Our company

21 years

of stability, prosperity and achievements! Will you join us?

We increase the value of our assets in the long run mainly in the development and construction, with the biggest focus on residential housing. We have the whole process under control thanks to our own companies RS construct and RS real estate which are our guarantee of a smooth process. We manage every step of it – acquisition of land or project, construction and even marketing and sale in order to gain proper valuation.

We also used our experience with residential development in other industries. For example, we have successfully launched the largest network of retirement homes Senior holding together with the Austrian SeneCura (today SeneCura CZ) and also, we are developing our own hotel chain Avenue Hotels. But as investors, we are ready to focus our efforts on every sector where we will see some potential.

We are seeking new challenges!



At the beginning of the new millennium, Sesimont was founded. It was a construction company which was the cornerstone for today's RS group. It was founded by two partners, Roman Sixta and Roman Sekera, who gained their construction experience from Germany and who used it to build a company in the Czech Republic.


Year 2003 was a truly milestone. The company (now called RS development) realized its first significant investment: a first residential project was acquired and implemented. Thanks to the realization of this apartment house the transformation from construction company to development company was finished.


Another big change took place in 2007 when a new partner joined the company. Architect Pantelis Larcou brought new impulse and the company quickly started to move forward. Consequently, we began work on one of our biggest projects in 2008, so called Prokopský Vrch, where were created more than 200 apartments and more than 2000 m2 of commercial space.


Significant footprint in history of RS Group were printed in years 2009 and 2010. Company Senior holding were founded and developed in these years. It was a successful joint venture of our company and Austrian company SeneCura. Senior holding eventually changed his company name to SenCura CZ due to the deal where Austrian SeneCura was bought by French financial colossus Orpea and Senior holding (SeneCura CZ) became the biggest provider of senior care in Czech Republic. We were later valorised our investments and exited the joint venture, but as a partner we occasionally work for SeneCura Cz as a general contractor.


We finished one of our biggest projects Prokopský Vrch, which become a dominant in the place where was created and also become our headquarters.


In the meantime, we focused on other residential projects, which moved us further. For example, we can mention Anglický Dvůr or Vila Děvín, but most important change was the exit of Roman Sixta during 2014, one of the founding associates.


We opened the Avenue Legerova 19 hotel at the end of the 2017. It became a cornerstone of our own hotel chain the Avenue Hotels.


We finished other projects. Residential building Residence ALBA was completed at the end of the year 2019 and most importantly we finished large residential complex Residence Mlýnská strouha at the beginning of 2020 which took place in heart of the Pilsen. We opened here our second own hotel Avenue Pallova 28. As the others we had to deal with pandemic crisis, but still we started with construction of project Košířská brána which will be our new headquarters.


We are writing new chapter of our company. We established new Qualified Investor Funds PFFL and we made our own rebrand. New company RS group was founded and our existing companies were renamed and organized in the holding structure. Next years full of new challenges are in front of us.

Organizational structure